Businesses across industries are facing tough times. However, it is physical stores, the brick-and-mortar establishments that are taking the worst hit. A large number of offline businesses are pivoting to online and with good reason. Cyber Alchemist offers advisory and implementation services for Businesses to do an Offline to Online Pivot

COVID-19 has made a huge impact on the global business climate. Tough measures have been implemented and forced isolation has made it difficult for brick and mortar stores to function.

While a large number of businesses are moving online, some are still grappling to find answers. How will moving online be helpful? What would be the long-term benefits? Where to get started?

According to research, 45% of small and medium businesses don’t have a website, over 70% of businesses are transitioning to ecommerce, and 71% of businesses are trying to catch up with the rising demands of customers. On the bright side, 41% of businesses are making the most out of the pandemic by maintaining and increasing their presence online across all channels.

The fear of getting infected has made people hesitant to step out, and a large number of customers have moved to online shopping. This is a good opportunity for offline retailers to invest in growing their online presence and orchestrated an omnichannel experience. Businesses that take advantage will increase customer trust and successfully bridge the gap between offline and online experiences. A planned omnichannel strategy will be rewarded with customer satisfaction and long-term loyalty. According to a report, 63% of customers use their mobile phones for research and purchase, 56% of customers want a shared cart across all channels, and 79% of customers want personalized service from brands. Businesses no longer depend on just one channel, as they have diverse channels to reduce risks.

Cyber-Alchemist offers a full function advisory and implementation service for Digital Marketing and transformations

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